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Monday, December 28, 2015

Week Twenty-Two 12-28-15

 Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!
Well this has been an amazing week! it has had a lot of great moments that were so awesome!
I started the week off running as we had an exchange and i was to stay in Davenport. so i needed to know what we were doing and where to go... it was fun when i still didn't know much about the area yet..... but it was amazing and we gained 2 new investigators!!!! it was great to learn the area quick and get some work done!
Tuesday night was quite an adventure as we sat in a lesson. i was feeling great and fully into the lesson and the spirit. during the lesson our phone kept going off and we just would ignore it. once we figured the lesson was over we came together to close with a prayer. in the middle of the prayer both our and the investigators phone goes off saying there is a tornado warning..... needless to say we closed the prayer, ran out, and found shelter. thankfully there was no Touchdown near us so all is well. but it was fun because that was my first tornado  warning!!!
Christmas Eve was nice, we had meeting during the day and then got to go to some members house for the evening. they had us join with their Christmas tradition of reading scriptures and listening to Handel's "The Messiah" it was amazing!!!!!!
Christmas we woke up and did presents. at about 1:30 we were lucky enough to go to another members home and Skype our families! that is always a great joy! even if my family are a bunch of Paynes ;) then we stayed with that family most of the day and had fun spending the holidays with them and their family!
Then the very next day we were called in the morning to help with some service.... picking up leaves..... in December. never thought i was going to do that in winter but the weather has been so wacky. it was really nice but we filled 22 bags of leaves that day....... it was a lot!
Then at church we were asked to give talks in Sacrament. now i had one prepared and i really liked it. one might say i had great pride in what i has written. well we all know pride is evil so Heavenly Father had to knock me down a few pegs and i forgot my talk at home that morning...... needless to say, i was humbled.... i only pray that it did turn out good and the message i wanted to convey was made known by the spirit!!!
well that's about all for the week, well i guess i must mention one thing...
Today it is freezing Rain.... it looks like snow but it is not. it is almost Hail and sketchy to drive in. good thing we don't even have the car this week! it will be a lot better to walk. but i figured i would let you know that we finally are getting some kind of winter here in Iowa!
Love ya much!! Eldet Payne