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Monday, September 28, 2015

Week Nine 9-28-15

Well I have been in Iowa for over 6 weeks and tomorrow is my 2 month mark... Wow time has flown by. It is crazy. It has been a very interesting week here with not much stories to tell. We didn't have our P-day (preparation day) on Monday, we spent it out working. Instead our P-day was on Wednesday and had a great day then. We went to the temple with my district (so that was my third time going to the temple in Iowa, I know some missionaries that are about to go home that have only been Twice....) It was great to spend the time in the temple and be with such great people. After we hung out for a bit until the other elders went to go Frisbee golfing. So while they went and did that Elder Hamelin and I joined the sisters and went to Carthage.
That was an amazing experience being in Carthage and just feeling the emotions in the jail. For those who may not know, Carthage jail is where the prophet Joseph Smith, and his brother Hyrum were killed. The last time I was in that building was 10 years ago and I have never been able to forget the emotions and spirit of the place. It was great to be able to walk those rooms again and to feel the spirit in the room as it testified that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. He was willing to go Carthage, knowing that he would die, just because he would not deny that which he knew was true. I am thankful for all that he, and all the church leaders since have done and sacrificed so that I could have sure knowledge and peace in my life.
The rest of the week was hard because Elder Hamelin got sick so it was hard to go door to door. but we powered through and talked with a lot of people. In fact we found a new investigator that is really amazing and just has minor things to over come and he can enter the waters of baptism. In addition we do have one of our investigators who will be baptized on the 11th and it is so great to see as he has come unto Christ!!
Also this week has had some interesting side parts. First was that I called the cops for the first time in my life. I saw a man run from a cop car and then he went one way and the car another, so I called in to report that as a bunch of little kids are hollering at us because we were missionaries. It was stressful because I didn't know what I was doing but I figured I needed to call so I was trying to figure out what to do. As I was on the phone a bunch of little kids started yelling that they were atheist and just trying to give the missionaries grief because they saw it as being cool. I know most of them don't even fully understand the things they said as they started to use such harsh language and continued to scream that they were atheist. It was sad because they didn't know that I was on the phone trying to keep their neighborhood safe but they just can't see past the name tag. A lot of people get set in their ways and are filled with disgust and hatred. It is sad to me that these kids were raised this way and knew no better. As you serve you grow to love everyone and you are saddened when you see people whose harts are harden. It not only effects them but their kids as well. I think of the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon. They were raised in hatred by their parents and thus they hated the Nephites. They were raised in their fathers traditions and so they were a cursed and wicked people in most of the Book of Mormon. So my commitment to all of you is to mind the little ones, they look up to you. So do your best to make their lives filled with love. Please don't let them be filled with hate, because it does them no good.
Also great news for the week. I have received a digital picture frame thanks to a loving mother! So I can now receive pictures of all of you wonderful people and your lives! And then I can see each of your faces daily! thank you so much!!!
With all the Love
Elder Payne
Looking through bullet hole
Window Joseph fell out of

Door with no knob

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week Eight 9-21-15

What a week this has been! I had great joy in acting as the senor companion this week so that means I got to drive!!!! it felt so good to be behind the wheel once more!!
Last Monday after I signed off I went around Nauvoo and did the sights! It was so great to be there in the history and learn more. It was weird thinking the last time I did these things was when I was 8.... what a long time.
Also this week I was able to teach two lessons with Disney themes!!! (take that Mom) We had dinner with members and Elder Hamelin and I are known as the Disney Elders so we had to teach them a Disney lesson!!
Also we found out that there was a false alarm with measles so it is all clear. Thank heavens!!
I absolutely love the Missionaries I serve with in my district. They are amazing. Once a week we meet up to train and talk. The past two times I have hit my head on a light in the restaurants we go to so I am now just the Tall one.... not to mention it kind of feels like I am growing again.
Also this week we meet a really nice couple while at dinner. They were a senior missionary couple that we sat behind and had a great visit with them. Then we waited for our check because we had to go to a lesson only to find out that the senior couple paid for us. They were so nice and it was sad I didn't get to thank them!!
Yesterday I gave a talk in church and I am happy that I didn't fail badly. I know heavenly father helped me because I actually didn't ramble on and was perfectly timed!!! It was great!
To close I would like to state that I know God watches over us every day. Saturday I did a service project up in Burlington with the Red Cross. We went around installing fire alarms in houses. One house had dogs walking around, just little tiny things and they were so nice. However as we went to leave the one attacked me and bit my leg. It stung like crazy and I was positive it cut skin. But looking at it, it didn't even touch my skin and just ripped a hole in my slacks! it was great to be protected because I know that the dog did bite my actual leg but there was not a mark. It did slice though my pants though that is for sure!!!
Love you all so much!!
Elder Payne

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week Seven 9-14-15

Well this has been one crazy week. Tuesday night I fell asleep and woke up to a weird noise. Elder Hamelin got up and looked into our living room and then fell to the floor. Upon questioning about what was going on he told me to go back to bed. Me being a stubborn Payne persisted only to know that there was a bat in our room.... at one point it flew by my head and I fell on my face to the floor and just crawled out of the room. We got it out of our room and went to bed.
The next day we were on exchanges/blitz with the zone leaders and had a great time. They were so much fun. We meet a lot of interesting people but no promising contacts.... but at the end of the night we watched a barge go through the lock and dam!!! That was cool!!!
The next morning the four of us left to go to a meeting when we saw the bat downstairs on the ceiling. the zone leaders got tennis rackets and balls to attack the bat. once Elder Todd hit the bat it flew right at him and he started to scream his head off! He finally hit it with the racket and  we placed a bowling ball bag on it and let someone else take care of it!
The next day we drove to Iowa city to a meeting and it was great to see all of my MTC friends. but boy was it a long drive. I am glad I didn't have to drive. Once back to Keokuk we had a meeting with Dylan and Q. they are amazing and we got them to commit to a baptism date. They are so strong and I know they will be ready by that date.
Church was weird as in we didn't go to church. There is a boy in our branch that got the measles and last week was his mom's birthday. We went to the party and so were exposed to him. We got a call Sunday morning saying that it was only sacrament and they wanted those who were in contact with this family to stay home..... So we didn't get to go to church but still went out finding. However without going to church and partaking of the sacrament just threw us off so we were in a off mode last night. We made up for it by going to the temple this morning!
I hope all of you that will happen to read this have a blessed week and know that I pray for you often! I love you ALL
Elder Payne

 Cool sword, Marvel Puzzle, Elder Hamlein's art work, boat, barge going over Lock and dam, new ties, name tag stickers, just being weird

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week Six 9-8-15

Why hello one and all. I bet you are wondering why this is a Tuesday email and not Monday but it was Labor day yesterday. The library was closed...... so I get to write today!!!
This has been a slow week here. I have not had to much success as it has been burning hot this past week. We have maintained contact with all of our investigators but with a hot week, holiday weekend, and other craziness we have not had many meetings.
Once again I must say though that I love this place. I am slowly getting used to the spiders and then all the rest is amazing. it is weird that it is starting to get dark super early..... it does make it difficult to go finding later in the night. in fact just the other night Elder Hamelin and I were out finding and I was already jumpy. there was a lot of noises going on even fireworks from over in Nauvoo with the Grape festival. then we went up to one house and a man came from behind the house and came out of nowhere. I about jumped out of my skin!! he then proceeded to tell us the we were disturbing the peace and to get out of there even though it    was only 7:00. 
I  have found a new hobby as each of the past 2 P-days I have bought puzzles for during a lunch or dinner hour. I recently bought a 1000 piece Marvel puzzle that is frying my brain. it is a good thing I don't work on it all the time otherwise I would just not be able to function.  but it is a good pass time as we are eating and I can stay moving!
With this past Sunday being fast Sunday I had planned to have three things in mind for my fast. (for those who may not know a fast is going with out food or drink for two meals as to help receive blessings and answers to questions) the one question I had has been one that I have thought about for a long time. then as I was sitting in church in class I directly heard a voice in my head. (not like the other voices but I knew this was the Holy Ghost) I will never forget but something was said in class and the Holy Ghost told me "This is your answer!" It is amazing to see and feel the Holy Ghost work and it is \the cause of so many blessing. I know I was lucky to hear a direct voice but I know that the Holy Ghost works in many ways and that our Heavenly Father does indeed answer our prayers. it may take a while for it to happen but he does listen and will answer in his time. In a time that is when we need it!
I love each of you so much and you all are constantly in my prayers! stay amazing

With love Elder Logan Payne