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Monday, October 26, 2015

Week Thirteen 10-26-15

 Well nothing majorly stood out this week.. but it was a good and crazy one! The week started off in a rut and no one in the district was having success really. It seemed we all hit a wall and everything was messing up.... there were issues of people doping us (Saying they didn't want us to teach them anymore....) we all had a rough start to the week!
Then Wednesday it turned around halfway through the day! We were able to go to a temple missionaries house for dinner and the Hamilton Missionaries were there as well. Earlier that day they had issues with contacting one of their investigators, (the one that wants me to baptize her) They struggled to contact her and even had me try. It was a rough morning as most of the day was trying to figure out the issue with her. We finally got in contact with her but she was having some slight issues. Finally after dinner we decided to go to the temple grounds and pray. It was so beautiful to see the temple light up and the spirit was so strong. We got on our knees outside and started to offer a prayer, we probably looked weird to people walking by. but as we prayed we knew things to try to help and by the next morning she was back on track!!!! Once again my testimony of prayer has grown!
Later in the week there was a person who got sick and needed a blessing at the hospital. Elder Hamelin and I went and was happy to help. The fun part was as i was halfway through the blessing the power went out in the entire hospital. we were having bad weather but it was fun to say that the spirit was so strong it shorted out the entire place!! however it was so true, the spirit was so strong in the room at that time!
The next night we were able to go to Boo-tiful Nauvoo. they line the street with tons of pumpkins and it was a great sight to see! I actually can't believe Halloween is this week... boy time has flown by!!
Once again I send my love to all of you! I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Payne

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week Twelve 10-19-15

Let me just start by saying that i love each of you so very much!!!!! There is no words to fully say how much i do love you!!! i am so thankful for everything that you have done for me and the impact you have had on my life! You all are so very special and I hope you realize that!!!
This has been one crazy week with many highs and lows! but each experience i have had this week has only caused a testimony to grow and now i know without a shadow of a doubt that this is truth and it does bless so many lives! Last Monday i was in Nauvoo and was able to see some more of the sights and feel the spirit in the homes of people who lived here before. i can't imagine how it was to live here in fear of other people and even the government who recently put out an extermination order. then to see as the prophet was killed and know that they must leave but they needed to finish the temple and their houses before they could leave. it had to of been so hard and then to endure the long trek that they faced. no normal person would go to their death of go through such hard trials because of something that wasn't true. I am so thankful for them and the example that they set before me.
Tuesday i went with the Hamilton elders because Elder Hamelin had a departing temple trip. while there we meet with one of their investigators who was rapidly progressing but not to sure on baptism just yet. while there the spirit filled my heart to the fullest that i was on the verge of tears. I knew i needed to open my mouth (not that I ever had an issue with that) But as I did the spirit filled my mouth and said the words that needed to be said. I have no recollection of the words i said but i can still feel the power of the spirit! once i was done I was no longer the only one in tears and the dear investigator was now set on entering the water of baptism as soon as possible! and I now get to baptize her. not only that but the next day we went and did blessings for four of us elders. we each took turns giving each other a blessing of comfort. As i went to give the blessing, once again i was filled with the spirit and the love that Father in heaven has for that elder and i instantly knew the words to say. the same happened as another gave me a blessing. The Spirit of God is amazing and i am so thankful for it in my life!!
There has been several moments of no energy this week.... even one day i was asleep at every moment i could. even car rides. It was hard to find energy at times but all that was needed was a quick prayer before we worked and i had energy until i was back in the car. I was given the strength i needed and just the right amount each time!
This weekend was Stake conference so we meet in Nauvoo and it was amazing. once again the spirit pierced my heart and the words touched my soul as all the things i needed to hear. If we truly listen to those called of God to talk, we will be blessed!
Finally today i was Blessed to go to the temple once more and that is always the best place to go to feel close to the spirit and receive personal revelation from that same spirit!
I love you all so much and I wish that you have an amazing week. I hope that you will look for every moment that the spirit touches you. It can be with each of you and I know for a fact that the spirit will bless you and will give you all you need at the time that will bring the most joy!!
Love you Lots
Elder Logan G. Payne

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week Eleven 10-12-15

This has been one crazy week.... I have absolutely no energy from going around like a chicken with his head cut off!! The start of the week was dull and we both were in a bit off a rut..... I just was soooooo tired and just not focused at all... it was so hard but we did our best to push past the issues and do the work, and the blessings did come!!!!!!
Monday for P-day started off by going to an awesome family's house and did pearler beads! I created a Little Green Man from Toy Story, Stitch, and Loki! (pictures to come) It was so fun but my tremors made it very interesting to manipulate the little beads on the peg board... The Sister Missionaries, and Elder Hamelin got a good kick out of watching me try to do it!!!
We had two great experiences with investigators this week as the one, the atheist i talked about, texted us saying he loved conference and was feeling a strong pull towards the church!!!! we hopefully will be able to meet with him again very soon! Then we meet with one of the people we knocked into and he was instantly enthralled and excited to progress to baptism!!! I can't wait to see their growth and Progression!!
Not this Saturday we were able to do something strange and unusual for missionaries..... We went to Nauvoo to see a concert!!!!!! At Nauvoo the Nashville Tribute Band was preforming and we got approval to go! they did songs from their Redeemer soundtrack so it was so spiritual. They were all songs from the point of view of the people Jesus touched. It had so many strong moments even in the song from the point of the hypocrites as it was dark but amazing!! I encourage all to look them up and listen to the songs from the track!
Then Yesterday!!! we had two baptisms one of our investigators and one of the sisters!! it was so amazing as we have seen both of them grow and then enter the font. The sister's investigator had Elder Hamelin baptize her, and it was great! that was his first time entering the font! then our Investigator Q had me baptize him! it was great to be there with him during that!!
Finally today we went to the temple to relax from the crazy week! it is amazing all of the blessings the gospel brings! i am so thankful to be here on my mission and cannot wait to see what else lies ahead!!
I love you all so MUCH!!! 
With love Elder Payne

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week Ten 10-5-15

What a week!!!!
The beginning of the week was quite normal and nothing major happened. It was just pressing on and doing missionary work. It has been getting colder her so I am happy to have received my winter clothes in the mail last week! If not..... I would be a frozen beanpole, well it has not actually been that cold but it got chilly!! We also had a lot of contacts that are very promising this week! We have actually found 4 new investigators. Now we just need to help them fully learn of the truth! And all we can do is Pray for them! One of them is actually from Iceland and so she is excited about doing work for our past ancestors!!!
One thing I learned about here is EVERYONE decorates for Halloween!!! It is amazing! There are so many festive, fun houses that are just great to drive by!! The other Night we were driving trying to know where we needed to go knocking... as we turned down one road there was a house that was MAJORLY decorated!! It was extremely interesting and quite offsetting. I just tensed up and could not function (it doesn't help that I get very superstitious in October) Needless to say we went right home and I crawled under my blankets and hid. Then in the middle of the night I woke up frozen with fear thinking something was standing at my bedside tapping my shoulder.... but nothing was there.
The highlight of the week was Conference of course. It was amazing to be able to watch and listen to the prophet speak to all of us (though i do worry about his health) And it was great to hear and see the calling of the new apostles! I know that they are called of God as we listen to their words the spirit does speak to us. We will be told of things that we need to hear! I encourage all to Watch or read the words as they are available in many different locations. Let the spirit answer the questions you have be answered! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet and I am so thankful for all he does!
As Always you are in my thoughts and prayers! I love you so Much
Elder Payne