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Monday, October 26, 2015

Week Thirteen 10-26-15

 Well nothing majorly stood out this week.. but it was a good and crazy one! The week started off in a rut and no one in the district was having success really. It seemed we all hit a wall and everything was messing up.... there were issues of people doping us (Saying they didn't want us to teach them anymore....) we all had a rough start to the week!
Then Wednesday it turned around halfway through the day! We were able to go to a temple missionaries house for dinner and the Hamilton Missionaries were there as well. Earlier that day they had issues with contacting one of their investigators, (the one that wants me to baptize her) They struggled to contact her and even had me try. It was a rough morning as most of the day was trying to figure out the issue with her. We finally got in contact with her but she was having some slight issues. Finally after dinner we decided to go to the temple grounds and pray. It was so beautiful to see the temple light up and the spirit was so strong. We got on our knees outside and started to offer a prayer, we probably looked weird to people walking by. but as we prayed we knew things to try to help and by the next morning she was back on track!!!! Once again my testimony of prayer has grown!
Later in the week there was a person who got sick and needed a blessing at the hospital. Elder Hamelin and I went and was happy to help. The fun part was as i was halfway through the blessing the power went out in the entire hospital. we were having bad weather but it was fun to say that the spirit was so strong it shorted out the entire place!! however it was so true, the spirit was so strong in the room at that time!
The next night we were able to go to Boo-tiful Nauvoo. they line the street with tons of pumpkins and it was a great sight to see! I actually can't believe Halloween is this week... boy time has flown by!!
Once again I send my love to all of you! I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Payne