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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week Eleven 10-12-15

This has been one crazy week.... I have absolutely no energy from going around like a chicken with his head cut off!! The start of the week was dull and we both were in a bit off a rut..... I just was soooooo tired and just not focused at all... it was so hard but we did our best to push past the issues and do the work, and the blessings did come!!!!!!
Monday for P-day started off by going to an awesome family's house and did pearler beads! I created a Little Green Man from Toy Story, Stitch, and Loki! (pictures to come) It was so fun but my tremors made it very interesting to manipulate the little beads on the peg board... The Sister Missionaries, and Elder Hamelin got a good kick out of watching me try to do it!!!
We had two great experiences with investigators this week as the one, the atheist i talked about, texted us saying he loved conference and was feeling a strong pull towards the church!!!! we hopefully will be able to meet with him again very soon! Then we meet with one of the people we knocked into and he was instantly enthralled and excited to progress to baptism!!! I can't wait to see their growth and Progression!!
Not this Saturday we were able to do something strange and unusual for missionaries..... We went to Nauvoo to see a concert!!!!!! At Nauvoo the Nashville Tribute Band was preforming and we got approval to go! they did songs from their Redeemer soundtrack so it was so spiritual. They were all songs from the point of view of the people Jesus touched. It had so many strong moments even in the song from the point of the hypocrites as it was dark but amazing!! I encourage all to look them up and listen to the songs from the track!
Then Yesterday!!! we had two baptisms one of our investigators and one of the sisters!! it was so amazing as we have seen both of them grow and then enter the font. The sister's investigator had Elder Hamelin baptize her, and it was great! that was his first time entering the font! then our Investigator Q had me baptize him! it was great to be there with him during that!!
Finally today we went to the temple to relax from the crazy week! it is amazing all of the blessings the gospel brings! i am so thankful to be here on my mission and cannot wait to see what else lies ahead!!
I love you all so MUCH!!! 
With love Elder Payne