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Monday, December 28, 2015

Week Twenty-Two 12-28-15

 Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!
Well this has been an amazing week! it has had a lot of great moments that were so awesome!
I started the week off running as we had an exchange and i was to stay in Davenport. so i needed to know what we were doing and where to go... it was fun when i still didn't know much about the area yet..... but it was amazing and we gained 2 new investigators!!!! it was great to learn the area quick and get some work done!
Tuesday night was quite an adventure as we sat in a lesson. i was feeling great and fully into the lesson and the spirit. during the lesson our phone kept going off and we just would ignore it. once we figured the lesson was over we came together to close with a prayer. in the middle of the prayer both our and the investigators phone goes off saying there is a tornado warning..... needless to say we closed the prayer, ran out, and found shelter. thankfully there was no Touchdown near us so all is well. but it was fun because that was my first tornado  warning!!!
Christmas Eve was nice, we had meeting during the day and then got to go to some members house for the evening. they had us join with their Christmas tradition of reading scriptures and listening to Handel's "The Messiah" it was amazing!!!!!!
Christmas we woke up and did presents. at about 1:30 we were lucky enough to go to another members home and Skype our families! that is always a great joy! even if my family are a bunch of Paynes ;) then we stayed with that family most of the day and had fun spending the holidays with them and their family!
Then the very next day we were called in the morning to help with some service.... picking up leaves..... in December. never thought i was going to do that in winter but the weather has been so wacky. it was really nice but we filled 22 bags of leaves that day....... it was a lot!
Then at church we were asked to give talks in Sacrament. now i had one prepared and i really liked it. one might say i had great pride in what i has written. well we all know pride is evil so Heavenly Father had to knock me down a few pegs and i forgot my talk at home that morning...... needless to say, i was humbled.... i only pray that it did turn out good and the message i wanted to convey was made known by the spirit!!!
well that's about all for the week, well i guess i must mention one thing...
Today it is freezing Rain.... it looks like snow but it is not. it is almost Hail and sketchy to drive in. good thing we don't even have the car this week! it will be a lot better to walk. but i figured i would let you know that we finally are getting some kind of winter here in Iowa!
Love ya much!! Eldet Payne

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week Twenty-One 12-21-15

well monday night i received the call that I was to be moving areas! so i am now in Davenport Ia!!!
Monday after i left you i was on an exchange with Elder Migliori and it was so much fun! we had a blast going crazy and doing work at the same time. 
Wednesday we went to the temple since it was technically P-day with transfers! such a good day but so sad knowing i wouldn't be around those missionaries for P-days anymore... 
Thursday was Transfers and i left Keokuk for the last time..... at the meeting i was told that i was to go to Davenport with Elder Stoddard! 
DAvenport is a fun area but a lot different from Keokuk. Here i am in a car share so we use the car every other week. other than that we bike or walk. we did a bit of biking but the bikes kept breaking.... looks like we will walk a lot. but it is safer in the cold weather!
Not much to report on however just a new area!
also my mailing address will be the same. it goes to the mission home and then to me at my new place. however if needed you can simply send things to  2330 E Locust Street Apt 209, Davenport Ia (not sure the zip code). it will go straight to my new place
Love you all and i hope you have a merry CHRISTmas!
Elder Payne
Inflatable Chair with Eder Jenkins and Packing for Transfers

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week Twenty 12-14-15

boy time is going by fast! it seems just like a week ago i was writing last.... wait it was! hahaha but in all honesty it has gone by super fast. 
There has been quite a lot that happened this week that was amazing. first being a simple P-day last Monday. After I left all of you last week i went to the local meetinghouse and played all sorts of games with other missionaries here in the area. we went all out and it was soo much fun. by the end a few of us had carpet burns but that would not stop us from going and doing work!!!!!
Wednesday we had the amazing opportunity of going up to Iowa city and listen to Elder Martino, a member of the 70, as he gave a missionary training. it was such an amazing experience ! Elder Martino spoke to us for over 4 hours!!!! it was crazy good! but we were all spiritually drained after that..
The next day we went to a small little town and was able to find two new people who asked us to come back and teach them more! it was so exciting to see the flame light in their eyes!  with those two new investigators it brought our teaching pool to 9 children of God who we are teaching!
With that said we had weekly planning the next day and it took us 6 hours.... it should only take 2 but we had a lot to talk about. needless to say our brains were fried by the end of it!
to add the cherry on top the next day we found a brand new investigator!!! it was hecka crazy! 
Sunday was a bitter sweet day. i had a lot of energy through the day and was really happy but then i kept thinking that it may be my last sunday with these people... it was very sad to think about but at least there is the Christmas Party the day before transfers!
Well in matters of location moving i am still not aware where i will be this time next week. today is the day that we find out if we leave but i will not receive the call until this evening. it is crazy to think i may be moving areas so soon. I have loved serving in Keokuk and will be sad if i leave but i will go where He wants me to go!
I am so thankful for the gospel and the blessings it brings into my life. i know there is no other place for me to be than serving my mission even if i don't know where exactly that is within my mission boundaries. I am so happy to be able to put on my name tag each morning and stand as a witness of Jesus Christ and his true church!
Love you all so Much!!!!
Elder Payne!
Crazy Logan, Planning and Saying Goodbye to Elder Shelley
Elders Jenkins and Payne, Saying goodbye to the Lymans, and Mission Conference for West Side
Sunsets on the Mississippi

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week Nineteen 12-7-15

I don't know what to say..
well this week has been crazy week full of missionary work..... yeah that is the best way to put it.

oh i guess i should put more info! unfortunately not much crazy hapened this week.... it was an "normal" week of a missionary. spent a lot of time finding people and teaching. I am very happy to say that the work is moving forward because we have 8 people we are teaching right now! it makes me so happy to know that that many of God's children are willing to learn how to come closer to him!!! 
The highlight of the week was last night. I was able to go to a member's home and watch the Christmas Devotional! that was amazing and so many things spoke to my heart. each and every portion of it, from the talks, the songs and even the prayers, touched my heart so much! i am so thankful for the priesthood on the earth and for the leaders of this church! they are amazing people and i know that they are called of God! Listen to their words and it will help you in anything you need. They are filled with the spirit and are here to help us in these latter days!
Know i love each and every one of you! i hope you have an amazing week!!
 Elder Payne

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week Eighteen 11-30-15

Well as the subject says... yesterday was my four month mark.... it is so crazy how time has flown by!! it feels like i just barely left home, but it feels like i have been here forever!
this was a very interesting week with not much to report on.. but one fun thing was doing service for someone on Tuesday. they needed help cleaning their yard off all the fallen branches. Elder Jenkins and I put them in a pile and then was told to light it on fire!! he had a nice little bonfire going that was so much fun.... unfortunately Elder Jenkins now thinks i am a Pyromaniac.... i blame it on my dad fighting fires and coming home smelling like smoke!! 
Then all through the week we had plans fall through so it was a lot of service and knocking on doors... sadly the snow left and we just have really cold rain... so we get quite wet and muddy as well as freeze.... but the work must go on!
Thanksgiving was a good day but quite strange. We had meals with two member families and they both were so nice and so amazing! it was weird because i noticed little traditions in my family that were missing but it was nice to have a new experience! also i believe i have put on so much weight.... so much food!! after the meals we still had time so we went to go door to door. it was weird to do that on a holiday so we drove to a small town in our are to see what was there!
Friday i spent time with another Elder in Warsaw and all we did all day was go door to door... we talked to 53 people that day.. it was crazy. sadly none of those 53 really showed any interest....
Saturday was interviews with my mission president and it was amazing.... however he informed me that i probably will leave Keokuk in the next few weeks.... it is sad to think i only have 3 more weeks here but i am excited to see a new place and meet a bunch more people to sere! but with the knowledge of possibly leaving it made church hard... i can't imagine not seeing these people every Sunday.. but i just have to make the best out of these last Sundays!
once again i grew a larger testimony of the spirit. yesterday we had a hard experience and i asked another elder to give me a blessing. in the blessing he covered every little point i needed. even things he didn't know i needed. the spirit is so amazing and it know what we need!
Well i hope you all have an amazing week full of amazing experiences! 
You all are the best
With Love
Elder Payne

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week Seventeen 11-23-15

What a week! Monday afternoon it rained like crazy and i started to feel sick so had to end the day early.... 
then the next day we walked in the rain some more.... we were soaked! but we were able to talk to quite a few people!
Wednesday the sun came out and no Rain! so we stayed in the car and went to all town that our area covers to see what was there. there was one town and we drove past the cemetery and that was all. THERE WAS NO TOWN! the cemetery had a higher population then the town..... so we didn't even stop the car...
the rest of the week we spent a lot of time just walking around town trying to talk to people. he would say hi to all we say! one moment we saw people on bikes so we said hello. they responded looked at each other, then proceded to exchange the drugs, and rode off. They did a drug deal in the middle of the road in front of two missionaries! it was crazy! 
Then we had our first snow of the year and it was cold! but it didn't last and we are wearing short sleeve again today... oh well!
Well sorry this week was not as interesting, weather and sickness put a damper on the week. (haha get it,  DAMP-er, because it rained......... okay i am done.)
Love you all!
Elder Payne

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week Sixteen 11-16-15

Well there is not much to report on for this week. it was a somewhat normal week. we did a lot of service this week for a family that just moved in so that took up a portion of our time but still had a great week of missionary work!

sadly this week we had to drop one of our investigators. we went to visit her and all the people in the house told us off and she came out and quietly said that not she didn't want us wasting her time.. it was so sad to see someone turn away but again we all have our agency to chose! Hopefully one day she will start looking again but for now we had to drop her. But all is well because right after that we went and found a brand new investigator who is more willing to learn than she was! that is just proof that god will lead us to the people that need and are willing. it may be hard to do some things but you will be blessed if you act on faith!

Now I am actually laughing because I have heard so much of the snow back home.. we have not had a single flake fall thus far! I am so thankful that we have had fairly nice weather. however we have had our own funky weather..... RAIN! one day we were told that it would rain and thunder but it was clear most of the day. at about 6:00 we were at one doorstep and walked away into a downpour!! it was raining so hard that in just the short distance to the car, my pants were SOAKED!!! We got back to our apartment to dry and put on better rain clothes when I noticed my nametag (a magnet one) fell off..... I had to go out in the rain again to find it.. long story short we said a prayer and I then remembered putting my Book of Mormon in my coat to keep it dry. so we went to where I did that at and behold my tag was there!!!! PRAYER WORKS!!!!!!

Also this week we took a grand tour of the Keokuk branch area boundaries and see the small towns.... well they were small! we knocked every door in 3 of these towns in one day!! it was some small places but a nice drive!!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and that all goes well. in closing I would have you know that I love you all so much! you all are amazing!!!


Elder Payne

Friday, November 13, 2015

Week Fifteen 11-9-15

This has been one week for sure! Tuesday we got up in the morning and drove to Iowa City for our transfer meeting. Elder Hamelin was to be going home and I was to get a new companion. We sat in the meeting and I was listening to the group behind me and their comments about the new companionships. I looked at the one and thought he would be fun to serve with. Then they called out to announce the Elders in Keokuk with my name first since i was staying in the area. I got up to go hug my new companion and sure enough it was the elder sitting behind me! So my new companion is Elder Jenkins from Rexburg Idaho!! He is a great guy and a lot of fun! We spent part of the day and went to a museum in Iowa City that was really neat. It had a Mormon pioneer exhibit and a bunch of old cars!
We spent most of the week getting situated as a new companionship and still had a lot of success.
Here in Iowa the weather has been fairly nice. It has gotten cold but still not too bad, in fact I am still wearing a short sleeve shirt today. I know that snow is coming and I am scared to death for its arrival but so far so good! It is weird to think that it is already into November. Just today at the store they had a sign saying 46 days till Christmas..... I didn't believe it at first! Time has gone by!
My major spiritual moment this week was when we had one lesson with an investigator and the spirit was so strong. half way through the spirit basically took over and we were saying the words that Sammy needed to hear. At one part we just stopped and knelt down to say a prayer. I offered the first prayer and then asked him to say one after me. The emotions in the room was so strong and we all were in tears! It was amazing!!
I love you all so much!
Elder Payne

Brother and Sister Smith are remodeling the apartment that the Elders live in and they found this paper in the closet


Monday, November 2, 2015

Week Fourteen 11-2-15

Home Away From Home
Wow time is flying by..... i can't believe it. This is going way faster than i would like. This is my companions last week as a missionary and seeing in him has truly expressed that it will end. before you want it to. there is so many blessings about missionary work that you don't want it to end! it is now so clear how fast the time will pass you!
well this week was a slow one... it rained a lot here and so it made finding fun! then it was just a hectic week all together. 
Wednesday night we had the branch trunk-or-treat chili cook-off! so that ended our night of work early to have the moment for branch unity and hopefully investigators to come! At the cook-off the missionaries were in charge of judging the chili. Seeing how Sister Goring has her food allergies and Elder Hamelin does not like spicy foods it was left to Sister Bagley and I to judge! There was so many good chili's it was so hard to judge. 
Then Friday night was a thing called Begger's night.. it is a night for the kids since Halloween is more for the adults here in the Midwest. so that night we were inside by 6:30. however we had a member of the branch receive her endowments so we were able to attend!
Then Halloween night we were told to be inside at 6:30 again so we were at a members house for a Halloween Party!
Sunday was hectic.....     Elder Hamelin was saying goodbye to everyone and we had to teach Gospel Principles. Then right after we rushed over to Nauvoo. once there I had the privilege to baptize Emilie Inman. (the other elder's investigator who bonded with me so well) It was a beautiful day and after the baptism was the happiest we have ever seen her!
Then today i was able to attend the temple once more! i love being so close to it! It is truly a blessing to be able to attend the House of the Lord! 
Baptisim, His Mission District,  The Forresters and the Parks. The Members take great care of the Missionaries there!
Love the big smile, Mr. Serious, and Hopefully just a Halloween Prank

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week Thirteen 10-26-15

 Well nothing majorly stood out this week.. but it was a good and crazy one! The week started off in a rut and no one in the district was having success really. It seemed we all hit a wall and everything was messing up.... there were issues of people doping us (Saying they didn't want us to teach them anymore....) we all had a rough start to the week!
Then Wednesday it turned around halfway through the day! We were able to go to a temple missionaries house for dinner and the Hamilton Missionaries were there as well. Earlier that day they had issues with contacting one of their investigators, (the one that wants me to baptize her) They struggled to contact her and even had me try. It was a rough morning as most of the day was trying to figure out the issue with her. We finally got in contact with her but she was having some slight issues. Finally after dinner we decided to go to the temple grounds and pray. It was so beautiful to see the temple light up and the spirit was so strong. We got on our knees outside and started to offer a prayer, we probably looked weird to people walking by. but as we prayed we knew things to try to help and by the next morning she was back on track!!!! Once again my testimony of prayer has grown!
Later in the week there was a person who got sick and needed a blessing at the hospital. Elder Hamelin and I went and was happy to help. The fun part was as i was halfway through the blessing the power went out in the entire hospital. we were having bad weather but it was fun to say that the spirit was so strong it shorted out the entire place!! however it was so true, the spirit was so strong in the room at that time!
The next night we were able to go to Boo-tiful Nauvoo. they line the street with tons of pumpkins and it was a great sight to see! I actually can't believe Halloween is this week... boy time has flown by!!
Once again I send my love to all of you! I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Payne

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week Twelve 10-19-15

Let me just start by saying that i love each of you so very much!!!!! There is no words to fully say how much i do love you!!! i am so thankful for everything that you have done for me and the impact you have had on my life! You all are so very special and I hope you realize that!!!
This has been one crazy week with many highs and lows! but each experience i have had this week has only caused a testimony to grow and now i know without a shadow of a doubt that this is truth and it does bless so many lives! Last Monday i was in Nauvoo and was able to see some more of the sights and feel the spirit in the homes of people who lived here before. i can't imagine how it was to live here in fear of other people and even the government who recently put out an extermination order. then to see as the prophet was killed and know that they must leave but they needed to finish the temple and their houses before they could leave. it had to of been so hard and then to endure the long trek that they faced. no normal person would go to their death of go through such hard trials because of something that wasn't true. I am so thankful for them and the example that they set before me.
Tuesday i went with the Hamilton elders because Elder Hamelin had a departing temple trip. while there we meet with one of their investigators who was rapidly progressing but not to sure on baptism just yet. while there the spirit filled my heart to the fullest that i was on the verge of tears. I knew i needed to open my mouth (not that I ever had an issue with that) But as I did the spirit filled my mouth and said the words that needed to be said. I have no recollection of the words i said but i can still feel the power of the spirit! once i was done I was no longer the only one in tears and the dear investigator was now set on entering the water of baptism as soon as possible! and I now get to baptize her. not only that but the next day we went and did blessings for four of us elders. we each took turns giving each other a blessing of comfort. As i went to give the blessing, once again i was filled with the spirit and the love that Father in heaven has for that elder and i instantly knew the words to say. the same happened as another gave me a blessing. The Spirit of God is amazing and i am so thankful for it in my life!!
There has been several moments of no energy this week.... even one day i was asleep at every moment i could. even car rides. It was hard to find energy at times but all that was needed was a quick prayer before we worked and i had energy until i was back in the car. I was given the strength i needed and just the right amount each time!
This weekend was Stake conference so we meet in Nauvoo and it was amazing. once again the spirit pierced my heart and the words touched my soul as all the things i needed to hear. If we truly listen to those called of God to talk, we will be blessed!
Finally today i was Blessed to go to the temple once more and that is always the best place to go to feel close to the spirit and receive personal revelation from that same spirit!
I love you all so much and I wish that you have an amazing week. I hope that you will look for every moment that the spirit touches you. It can be with each of you and I know for a fact that the spirit will bless you and will give you all you need at the time that will bring the most joy!!
Love you Lots
Elder Logan G. Payne

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week Eleven 10-12-15

This has been one crazy week.... I have absolutely no energy from going around like a chicken with his head cut off!! The start of the week was dull and we both were in a bit off a rut..... I just was soooooo tired and just not focused at all... it was so hard but we did our best to push past the issues and do the work, and the blessings did come!!!!!!
Monday for P-day started off by going to an awesome family's house and did pearler beads! I created a Little Green Man from Toy Story, Stitch, and Loki! (pictures to come) It was so fun but my tremors made it very interesting to manipulate the little beads on the peg board... The Sister Missionaries, and Elder Hamelin got a good kick out of watching me try to do it!!!
We had two great experiences with investigators this week as the one, the atheist i talked about, texted us saying he loved conference and was feeling a strong pull towards the church!!!! we hopefully will be able to meet with him again very soon! Then we meet with one of the people we knocked into and he was instantly enthralled and excited to progress to baptism!!! I can't wait to see their growth and Progression!!
Not this Saturday we were able to do something strange and unusual for missionaries..... We went to Nauvoo to see a concert!!!!!! At Nauvoo the Nashville Tribute Band was preforming and we got approval to go! they did songs from their Redeemer soundtrack so it was so spiritual. They were all songs from the point of view of the people Jesus touched. It had so many strong moments even in the song from the point of the hypocrites as it was dark but amazing!! I encourage all to look them up and listen to the songs from the track!
Then Yesterday!!! we had two baptisms one of our investigators and one of the sisters!! it was so amazing as we have seen both of them grow and then enter the font. The sister's investigator had Elder Hamelin baptize her, and it was great! that was his first time entering the font! then our Investigator Q had me baptize him! it was great to be there with him during that!!
Finally today we went to the temple to relax from the crazy week! it is amazing all of the blessings the gospel brings! i am so thankful to be here on my mission and cannot wait to see what else lies ahead!!
I love you all so MUCH!!! 
With love Elder Payne