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Elder Logan G. Payne
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Monday, November 16, 2015

Week Sixteen 11-16-15

Well there is not much to report on for this week. it was a somewhat normal week. we did a lot of service this week for a family that just moved in so that took up a portion of our time but still had a great week of missionary work!

sadly this week we had to drop one of our investigators. we went to visit her and all the people in the house told us off and she came out and quietly said that not she didn't want us wasting her time.. it was so sad to see someone turn away but again we all have our agency to chose! Hopefully one day she will start looking again but for now we had to drop her. But all is well because right after that we went and found a brand new investigator who is more willing to learn than she was! that is just proof that god will lead us to the people that need and are willing. it may be hard to do some things but you will be blessed if you act on faith!

Now I am actually laughing because I have heard so much of the snow back home.. we have not had a single flake fall thus far! I am so thankful that we have had fairly nice weather. however we have had our own funky weather..... RAIN! one day we were told that it would rain and thunder but it was clear most of the day. at about 6:00 we were at one doorstep and walked away into a downpour!! it was raining so hard that in just the short distance to the car, my pants were SOAKED!!! We got back to our apartment to dry and put on better rain clothes when I noticed my nametag (a magnet one) fell off..... I had to go out in the rain again to find it.. long story short we said a prayer and I then remembered putting my Book of Mormon in my coat to keep it dry. so we went to where I did that at and behold my tag was there!!!! PRAYER WORKS!!!!!!

Also this week we took a grand tour of the Keokuk branch area boundaries and see the small towns.... well they were small! we knocked every door in 3 of these towns in one day!! it was some small places but a nice drive!!

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and that all goes well. in closing I would have you know that I love you all so much! you all are amazing!!!


Elder Payne