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Monday, November 30, 2015

Week Eighteen 11-30-15

Well as the subject says... yesterday was my four month mark.... it is so crazy how time has flown by!! it feels like i just barely left home, but it feels like i have been here forever!
this was a very interesting week with not much to report on.. but one fun thing was doing service for someone on Tuesday. they needed help cleaning their yard off all the fallen branches. Elder Jenkins and I put them in a pile and then was told to light it on fire!! he had a nice little bonfire going that was so much fun.... unfortunately Elder Jenkins now thinks i am a Pyromaniac.... i blame it on my dad fighting fires and coming home smelling like smoke!! 
Then all through the week we had plans fall through so it was a lot of service and knocking on doors... sadly the snow left and we just have really cold rain... so we get quite wet and muddy as well as freeze.... but the work must go on!
Thanksgiving was a good day but quite strange. We had meals with two member families and they both were so nice and so amazing! it was weird because i noticed little traditions in my family that were missing but it was nice to have a new experience! also i believe i have put on so much weight.... so much food!! after the meals we still had time so we went to go door to door. it was weird to do that on a holiday so we drove to a small town in our are to see what was there!
Friday i spent time with another Elder in Warsaw and all we did all day was go door to door... we talked to 53 people that day.. it was crazy. sadly none of those 53 really showed any interest....
Saturday was interviews with my mission president and it was amazing.... however he informed me that i probably will leave Keokuk in the next few weeks.... it is sad to think i only have 3 more weeks here but i am excited to see a new place and meet a bunch more people to sere! but with the knowledge of possibly leaving it made church hard... i can't imagine not seeing these people every Sunday.. but i just have to make the best out of these last Sundays!
once again i grew a larger testimony of the spirit. yesterday we had a hard experience and i asked another elder to give me a blessing. in the blessing he covered every little point i needed. even things he didn't know i needed. the spirit is so amazing and it know what we need!
Well i hope you all have an amazing week full of amazing experiences! 
You all are the best
With Love
Elder Payne