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Elder Logan G. Payne
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Week Eight 9-21-15

What a week this has been! I had great joy in acting as the senor companion this week so that means I got to drive!!!! it felt so good to be behind the wheel once more!!
Last Monday after I signed off I went around Nauvoo and did the sights! It was so great to be there in the history and learn more. It was weird thinking the last time I did these things was when I was 8.... what a long time.
Also this week I was able to teach two lessons with Disney themes!!! (take that Mom) We had dinner with members and Elder Hamelin and I are known as the Disney Elders so we had to teach them a Disney lesson!!
Also we found out that there was a false alarm with measles so it is all clear. Thank heavens!!
I absolutely love the Missionaries I serve with in my district. They are amazing. Once a week we meet up to train and talk. The past two times I have hit my head on a light in the restaurants we go to so I am now just the Tall one.... not to mention it kind of feels like I am growing again.
Also this week we meet a really nice couple while at dinner. They were a senior missionary couple that we sat behind and had a great visit with them. Then we waited for our check because we had to go to a lesson only to find out that the senior couple paid for us. They were so nice and it was sad I didn't get to thank them!!
Yesterday I gave a talk in church and I am happy that I didn't fail badly. I know heavenly father helped me because I actually didn't ramble on and was perfectly timed!!! It was great!
To close I would like to state that I know God watches over us every day. Saturday I did a service project up in Burlington with the Red Cross. We went around installing fire alarms in houses. One house had dogs walking around, just little tiny things and they were so nice. However as we went to leave the one attacked me and bit my leg. It stung like crazy and I was positive it cut skin. But looking at it, it didn't even touch my skin and just ripped a hole in my slacks! it was great to be protected because I know that the dog did bite my actual leg but there was not a mark. It did slice though my pants though that is for sure!!!
Love you all so much!!
Elder Payne