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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week Six 9-8-15

Why hello one and all. I bet you are wondering why this is a Tuesday email and not Monday but it was Labor day yesterday. The library was closed...... so I get to write today!!!
This has been a slow week here. I have not had to much success as it has been burning hot this past week. We have maintained contact with all of our investigators but with a hot week, holiday weekend, and other craziness we have not had many meetings.
Once again I must say though that I love this place. I am slowly getting used to the spiders and then all the rest is amazing. it is weird that it is starting to get dark super early..... it does make it difficult to go finding later in the night. in fact just the other night Elder Hamelin and I were out finding and I was already jumpy. there was a lot of noises going on even fireworks from over in Nauvoo with the Grape festival. then we went up to one house and a man came from behind the house and came out of nowhere. I about jumped out of my skin!! he then proceeded to tell us the we were disturbing the peace and to get out of there even though it    was only 7:00. 
I  have found a new hobby as each of the past 2 P-days I have bought puzzles for during a lunch or dinner hour. I recently bought a 1000 piece Marvel puzzle that is frying my brain. it is a good thing I don't work on it all the time otherwise I would just not be able to function.  but it is a good pass time as we are eating and I can stay moving!
With this past Sunday being fast Sunday I had planned to have three things in mind for my fast. (for those who may not know a fast is going with out food or drink for two meals as to help receive blessings and answers to questions) the one question I had has been one that I have thought about for a long time. then as I was sitting in church in class I directly heard a voice in my head. (not like the other voices but I knew this was the Holy Ghost) I will never forget but something was said in class and the Holy Ghost told me "This is your answer!" It is amazing to see and feel the Holy Ghost work and it is \the cause of so many blessing. I know I was lucky to hear a direct voice but I know that the Holy Ghost works in many ways and that our Heavenly Father does indeed answer our prayers. it may take a while for it to happen but he does listen and will answer in his time. In a time that is when we need it!
I love each of you so much and you all are constantly in my prayers! stay amazing

With love Elder Logan Payne