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Elder Logan G. Payne
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Monday, January 4, 2016

Week Twenty-Three 1-4-16

well not as much to report on but did a lot of walking!
hahah it was fun actually not being able to use a car and not focus on it! a lot of work is passed by when you are in the car and you miss the simple chances. Just as we were walking to one place we passed a house without thinking. once passed the wind chimes started to go off like crazy! upon hearing that i turned around and went straight to that house. the family was home and let us talk to them. as we taught they asked a lot of interesting questions that was so fun in talking about. i lot of their concerns about the church were just simple things that our first discussion talked about. once finished they declined another visit but i know that they felt the spirit there. once left the wind chime was dead silent. yes they were not interested in learning more but i know that the spirit was there and prompted us to go to that house. it was an amazing experience to feel that guiding touch to where we were needed. 
New Years was fun but was not much different from another day... I am however excited for this will be my only full year of the mission. all of 2016 will be nothing but listening to the spirit and trying to help all people. what a wonderful way to spend a year!
The down part of the week was literally a down... as i said last week we finally got snow! it was crazy but soon turned to ice. well for the last while my ankle was bothering me but all was well. well last night as i was walking i slipped on the ice and hurt my ankle, knee, hip, and back.... as well as ripped a hole in slacks that i have owned for over 5 years. needless to say that my day was cut short yesterday and we walked home to rest. now today i am not allowed to play sports on P-day.. but thankfully it was the last day of walking so now i can let is rest for a week as we get the car!
I hope you all had an amazing New Years Day and i wish you the best in all of your endeavors! Love you Much!