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Elder Logan G. Payne
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Week Twenty-Four 1-11-16

Not too much to report on this week sadly. it has been a fun week full of simple missionary work! Elder Stoddard and i are currently trying to build up a teaching pool so it means a lot of contacting people. though the week we have cleaned out our phone of old numbers, including calling former investigators and seeing if they want to learn more. the same thing is done as wee have been digging in our records of people who were taught but dropped. it is a long process but we have made some promising meetings with a few of them as well as ones we have personally found knocking doors and walking around. 
unfortunately we did not get to do much knocking this week as the temperature suddenly dropped and i was still told to rest my leg a bit. fortunately i am glad to say that my ankle feels a lot better now that we will be walking all next week!!
The highlight of the week was that we has a Zone Conference on Wednesday that was amazing!! had amazing training and a lot of fun. with it being the holiday season it was a special conference that had special skits and a movie! The skits were so much fun and a great laugh. then the movie was Ephraim's Rescue oh that is such a great movie! i was in tears at the end.... but thankfully no one saw! the only weird part was that at the conference they pointed out birthdays..... including mine.... it felt weird because it feels like it is so far away but it is in a month and a half and we will not have another conference by then.... it was still so weird...
Now the funny part of the week was at church.... if you remember i said i fell last Sunday and ruined a pair of slacks i have has for 7 years... well i wore the other ones that went with that suit this Sunday and got to church. once there i noticed i had a huge hole in the behind of said slacks.... so i have now ripped two pairs of slacks in the matter of 1 week..... 
Love you all so much!
Elder Payne
PS sorry no pictures this week my camera broke and i am getting a new one!