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Monday, January 25, 2016

Week Twenty-Six 1-25-16

one forth..... you kidding right?!?!?!

well as said i am almost at my 6 month mark (this Friday) so that will mean i am a forth of the way through my mission...... i am not sure i like that.........
This has been an amazing experience and boy time has flown by!!! i hope that the rest of the mission will slow down a bit so i can have more time to enjoy it!!!
it has been a great week with a lot of fun moments! 
the best of it was that we had a special broadcast for missionaries world wide that was amazing!! we were trained by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Elder David A. Bednar, and many other amazing people!! it was so cool to listen to then and learn how to be better missionaries! there was so much insight given i am surprised my pen didn't run out of ink!!! 
Then we had simple miracles of meeting amazing people. this week we have gained 2 new investigators who are amazing!
The one was a friend of a member who came over to dinner the same time we did. we taught a bit but he already was determined to come to church! then we gave him the Book of Mormon and before we could invite him to read it he cut us off saying, "you know why i am going to read this? because i feel so good right now!" he had felt the Holy Ghost and recognized it and knew what we said was true! he is so ready and willing to come unto Christ it makes me cry tears of Joy! he is truly a valiant son of God!
The next was an investigator who moved from clintion who is progressing so fast it is amazing! he is trying now to stop smoking but he knows that he can do it with the help of God!!
it has been a great week and i am so happy for the spirit in my life. it is funny because sometimes when we have dinner with members we will feel like using the same scripture we used with another family a couple of night before. well the lesson starts of the same but the end is so different because the spirit will go in and help the new family get what they need out of the scripture! i know that he is the true teacher and as long a we do our part to prepare that he will use us as tools to teach what the person needs!
I love you all so much and i hope you have an amazing week!
Love Elder Payne