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Elder Logan G. Payne
C/O Iowa Des Moines Mission
8515 Douglas Ave#19
Urbandale, Iowa 50322-2924

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week Four 8-24-15

     Well here we go! First full week in Iowa and it was a blast. It has had so many ups and downs it makes any roller coaster look like a kiddie ride!!! i am so happy to be here!!!

     We have done a lot of tracking trying to find some new people and have meet a wide variety. We have had some slightly interested, some of the " appreciate what you do but no," some of I have my faith but let's talk about anything, and only minimal slam door in face. overall the work is slow but about to speed up.

     Just the other day we were out knocking on doors and it started to pour rain on us yet we were halfway done with the road. I looked at my companion as we both are completely soaked (we left our umbrellas because it was sunny 20 minutes ago..) and we say, Well know it won't be a bad smell that causes them to not invite us in!!!!! hahaha I love Elder Hamelin as he is great to turn to and laugh. I feel bad though because he has not seen me at my craziest yet!!

      Last week we hunted geodes and I found quite a few. This week we decided to go to the temple.

     I love the Nauvoo temple. It is absolutely beautiful to be in and just around. I am so glad to be serving so close!! I love this area so much and can't wait to see what the next week has in store!!

       With Love
                 Elder Logan G. Payne

Nauvoo Temple, Geode Hunting, Wildlife, Tidy Room, Elder HAmelin Working Hard, Surprise Visit from Elder and Sister Hendricks.